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Hose Techniques SVH Kit Pics and Installation

I was chasing a big vacuum leak. My car would idle with about 10-12 in-Hg of vacuum. I didn't feel like checking every hose and connection, so I just bought the Hose Techniques kit for the very reasonable price of $48.00 + shipping. After the install, my car now idles smoothly with 20 in-Hg. of vacuum.

If it comes with candy, it has to be good :)

Also pictured are the contents.
- Various Hoses
- Tie-wraps
- Hose Cutters
- Hose Slitters
- Instruction manual
- Candy
Before shots
Before shots
After shots
After shots
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This installation is not very difficult at all.

Materials and tools needed: This is pretty straight-forward. Pull each hose off one at a time, measure it and cut. Anything that you're worried might come off, use the tie-wraps to secure. The scissors are used to cut the excess off the tie-wraps, and the isopropyl alcohol is used to clean the wires off, since you're more than likely going to get them dirty when handling the old dirty hoses, then messing with the new ones.
I don't think the kit was originally made for cars with cruise control. Since the CC vacuum lines are more visible than the windsheild washer lines, I opted to do the CC lines instead of the WW lines.
Since I've made some mods to my car, while I was doing this, I removed the overboost switch and EGR solenoid since I did not need them, and this reduces potential vacuum leaks in the future.

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