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Engine Mount Comparison
The stock mount is on the left, and the ranger mount is on the right. The stock mount measured 73mm tall
The ranger mount measured 78mm tall. I have been told the stock is supposed to be 80mm tall. I say close enough.
The stock studs are 10mm in diameter. The ranger studs are 12mm in diameter.
The one major problem - the top stud on the ranger is only 32mm tall, the stock is 70mm.

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Trans mount comparison
As you can see, the Scorpio trans mount bolts right in.
Here are top and bottom views.
Here are some new vs. old comparisons. The stock mount is round, and the Scorpio mount is square.
Depth comparison. The stock mount is much deeper, requiring a shorter bolt.

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Ranger motor mounts into an XR4Ti
This is the procedure on how to install Ranger Motor mounts into an XR

Tools and parts needed: I bought two ranger mounts from Carparts.com When they came, they looked different, but had the same part number. Hmmm.... Then I compared them and the studs were the same height and length, and the mount was the same height. The difference was in the shape of the body, and in the locating pins. One had a longer pin on the top, but no pin on the bottom. The other had both pins, but the top was pin was shorter. You can see the dimensional differences in the picture below.

Jack the car up, and place on jackstands. Loosen the the nuts on the bottom of the old motor mounts. Place a 2x4 piece of wood between the jack and the engine pan and slowly lift the motor up. Remove the three bolts on each side for the engine supports. You should then be able to pull the support and mount out as an assembly.
You then remove the old mounts from the engine supports. Make sure you remember which side is up on the engine supports. I almost milled out the wrong end. You then mill out the hole in the mounts to the desired depth and diameter. MAKE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK THE MEASUREMENTS. Don't just go by mine, they may be inaccurate. The locating pins are in different spots also, so you will have to drill out new locations for them. The holes in the crossmember where the lower motor mount stud goes through will have to be drill out to 12mm also. I used a 31/64 bit - close enough.

Then reassemble and enjoy!

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