My current stock of cars (aka projects) consists of:
1999 GMC Sonoma - Lowered 2" Front, 3" Rear, K&N cone filter custom mounted. It's a V6 of course :)
Also a wannabe picture with 18" rims. Damn, that looks nice.....
I think this may become one of my favorite "cruisin'" cars. Currently has a straight-6 and powerglide trans. It needs an engine rebuild (high miles) and probably a suspension rebuild. I'm thinking turbo straight-6. I'd also like to suicide the rear doors.
Pics of my first XR. The battery has been relocated to the trunk. The upper manifold has been gutted, a Starion intercooler added, a 2.5" exhaust from the downpipe back, and a T5 thrown on. It is currently suffering from a bad CV joint and input shaft bushing.
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